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Rreth Nesh

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Colis Event
Coli’s Event means “Magic, service of the latest standards, professionalism”. We are convinced that every couple’s love would get the right charm only in these unforgettable special environments. Would you like to have a day to remember with your life’s longevity? Have you ever dreamed of a great granddaughter? We introduce you to the most fantastic environment of the year. Every couple wants their wedding day to be like a dream in a kingdom where princess and princess are you do not hesitate to make your reality reality. We offer dedicated menus for your weddings with the most favored prices on the market. One of our most special facilities is Colis Swimming Pool. With the arrival of summer, its facilities are accessible to all of you before the start of the wedding or other fun you want to arrange. There’d be more room than your people would get near Colis Pool by consuming a fresh cocktail that the party starts with the right pace.
Restaurant colis.
If you are looking for a place where the food is equivalent to the quality come to the colis restaurant. we combine traditional Albanian cuisine with modern Italian cuisine. would you like to arrange festivals like birthdays, engagements, or other joys as your baby’s arrival in life? Come to us. We would be happy to believe the most beautiful moments of your life. Family and contemporary ambience, kitchen staff with maximum professionalism, exquisite service. We aim for our customers to come out of the restaurant to feel good and come again. Welcome.

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